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    • 09/21/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Cascade Shooting Facilities Club House/Indoor Range - 27036 SE Ravensdale Way, Ravensdale, WA 98051

    Course Details

    Washington State passed Initiative 1639 which requires a firearms safety training class to purchase semi-automatic rifles.  The safety training class will be approximately 45 minutes.  Following the class, a certificate will be issued satisfying the new state law requirements.

    The authorization to provide the safety training falls under the "nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training."  The nationally recognized organization is the NRA.  Presenter is a certified NRA instructor.

    This safety training class is open to public and free of charge.

    No registration needed to attend.

    Course Instructor

    Steve Powell

    Course Information

    Scope of this I-1639 class

    • Training requirement only applies to purchases of semiautomatic assault rifles after July 1, 2019.
    • Owners of semiautomatic assault rifles who obtained their firearm before July 1, 2019 are not required to have training.
    • The training requirement does not apply to other types of firearm purchases.
    • After June 30, 2019, before delivering a semiautomatic assault rifle to a purchaser, a dealer must be provided proof that the purchaser has completed a recognized firearm safety training program within the past five years.
    • The proof of training must be in the form of a certification that declares under the penalty of perjury that the training included minimum requirements prescribed in the law.  Certificate issued at end of safety training.
    • The training must be sponsored by a federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency, a college or university, a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training, or a firearms training school with certified instructors.
    • Topics required to be covered:
    1. Basic firearms safety rules;
    2. Firearms and children, including secure gun storage and talking to children about gun safety;
    3. Firearms and suicide prevention;
    4. Secure gun storage to prevent unauthorized access and use;
    5. Safe handling of firearms; and
    6. State and federal firearms laws, including prohibited firearms transfers.


    • Free
    • 10/05/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Cascade Shooting Facilities Club House/Indoor Range - 27036 SE Ravensdale Way, Ravensdale, WA 98051
    • 12
    Registration is closed

    Course Details

    Emergency First Response (EFR) is an international CPR, AED and first aid training organization.  EFR courses follow the emergency considerations and protocols as developed by the members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).  American Heart Association (AHA) and several other international members are contributors to ILCOR.

    This course will cover Adult/Child CPR, Adult/Child AED, Infant CPR, and choking issues for adults, children, and infants.  Upon completion of course and demonstrating proper techniques in administering CPR, using an AED training device, and clearing choking, a two year Emergency First Responder card will be issued.  The participant manual received at beginning of class will be yours to keep for future reference.

    This training course is open to public.

    Basic first aid training may be covered at end as time allows. 

    Course Instructor

    • Steve Powell

    Course Information

    • A maximum of 12 participants will be allowed to take the class. 
    • The adult and infant manikins, AED training, and first aid materials will be provided (owned by CSF). 
    • Some padding will be provided for the hard floor while practicing CPR techniques - you are welcome to bring own padding for usage. 
    • It is suggested to bring a pen and paper for note taking and a highlighter if desired.
    • EFR certificate is valid for 2 years.
    • Registration is done online.
    • The class will start at 8 AM and finishes 1:00 PM. 
    • You may bring snacks and/or drinks.
    • The EFR student manual and consumable item costs will not be covered by CSF.


    • Cost of class is $20. 
    • This covers the participant manual, shipping and handling fees, sales tax, and consumable items (CPR valve, gloves, etc.).

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